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Visit the sites below to help you make the best choice for you and your baby.

Open Adoption
When a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, many people think of adoption as it was twenty years ago, when a woman didn't have the choices in adoption that she has today. Now, through open adoption, birth parents, children, and adoptive families can come to know each other and make decisions that are best for everyone involved in the decision.

Lifetime Adoption Foundation
Lifetime Foundation provides educational scholarships to birthmothers who have placed children for adoption. This foundation has helped in creating futures for birthmothers and for their children, for a lifetime.

Pregnancy Help Online
Visit Pregnancy Help Online to find options, advice, and help as you seek to make the best decision about your pregnancy.

USA Adoption
Adoption information for those serving in the military or interested in selecting an adoptive familiy that is stationed in the United States or overseas.

African American Adoptions Online
Providing help, services, and counseling to bi-racial and African American birth mothers interested in adoption.

Adoption Tree
Our program includes private counseling for birth parents, housing or financial assistance, pregnancy and legal referrals at no cost to birth parents. Please call us anytime, day or night. We can help you!

Crisis Pregnancy Online
Provides information about unplanned pregnancy and honest information about your options.

State by State Adoptions
Helping birthmothers find the information and help they need in their state.

Let's Talk Adoption
A radio show serving the adoption community. Visit our website to listen to current and archived shows regarding birthmother information, birthfather issues, and much more!

Lifetime Adoption
Guidance and assistance during and after your pregnancy. Visit our website to learn about your choices and open adoption information.

East Indian Adoption
Confidential adoption services to help provide assistance for East Indian women during an unplanned pregnancy.



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